A Homage to

Andrew Langdon-Davies

Brief summary of translations

Catalan/Spanish-English translations:

UNESCO Centre of Catalonia: cultural and environmental magazines, conference reports and addresses. etc.

Barcelona City Hall: Books, exhibition catalogues and museum guides.

Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government): Books, exhibition catalogues, cultural magazines, etc.

MNAC (Catalan National Art Museum): guides, catalogues, books, museum bulletins, etc.

Picasso Museum: exhibition catalogues.

Lunwerg editors: travel, art, architecture, environment.

Fundació “laCaixa”: exhibition catalogues.

Other publishers: art books.

Traduccions de l'anglès al català:

Carrie, Stephen King, Laertes.

Mites i felicitat dels catalans (Dancing Catalans), John Langdon-Davies, Pagès.